2017 March for Life: The Power of One

“Even the smallest person can change the course of history.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

The 2017 March for Life theme was “The Power of One. “One person can make a difference in the world, whether in the life of one person or many. Sadly, in the U.S. alone, more than 1 million babies are not even given the opportunity to live and change the world each year. Building a culture of life and ending abortion takes each and every person. Starting with your family or neighborhood, our collective efforts will change hearts and minds, save lives, and build a culture of life.

2017 Rally and March for Life Pictures

2017 Conference and Rose Dinner Pictures

2017 Media

The following outlets covered the March for Life (this is not an exhaustive list):

EWTN, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, Washington Post, New York Times, AP, LA Times, BBC, USA Today, Fortune, The Economist, Politico, Business Insider, Roll Call, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Real Clear Politics, US News and World Report, The Hill, McLatchy, Yahoo, People Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Vox, Slate, Buzzfeed, Aljazeera, National Review, the Federalist, IJ Review, Washington Times, Newsmax, Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, Townhall, The Blaze, American Spectator, Lifezette, First Things.

Washington Post (Front Page): The annual March for Life will have a new mood this year: Optimistic

March for Life Op-Eds

Jeanne Mancini in Real Clear Politics: Poll Finds Most Women Back Abortion Restrictions

Jeanne Mancini in Catholic News Agency: Reflections on the March for Life

Tom McClusky in The Hill: 2017: The year a pro-life president, public can make a difference

The Federalist: Doctors Told Me To Abort My Disabled Child, But He Became My Unintended Joy


Full March for Life Coverage

March for Life is Days Away
EWTN News Nightly

March for Life Leader: ‘Create Culture Where Abortion is Unthinkable*
Meet the Press Daily

Vice President set to appear at anti-abortion march
MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle

VP’s participation a ‘historic moment’ for March for Life
FOX America’s Newsroom

Protesters Gather in DC for March for Life
ABC Good Morning America

March for Life Draws Huge Crowds in Washington*
ABC World News Tonight

‘Life is Winning Again’ VP Pence Tells March for Life Rally
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

Pro-life advocates gather at yearly rally
CNN Inside Politics

Anti-abortion movement finding new life in Trump administration
NBC Today Show

Mike Pence to address ‘March for Life’ anti-abortion rally in DC
NBC Today Show

March for Life highlights gains by abortion opponents in Washington
CBS Evening News

‘Life Is Winning Again in America’: Pence Becomes First VP to Address March for Life
FOX Outnumbered

Anti-abortion activists welcome Trump administration support
PBS Newshour

March for Life: Anti-abortion groups hold triumphant rally*

March for Life to Host ‘Special, Unannounced Guest’
NBC 4 Washington

March for Life: WTTG 5 – FOX

VP Mike Pence supports abortion opponents

Enthusiasm high for Friday’s March for Life




A Look at the March for Life Event in DC*

ABC News

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

ABC News: Speaking with Abortion Rights Supporters and Opponents at the “March for Life” event in DC

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos
ABC News: Vice President Mike Pence Tells March for Life: ‘Life Is Winning Again in America’

CNN: Pence to address March for Life in person
CBS News: Mike Pence addresses abortion opponents at March for Life

New York Times: Voices from the March for Life*

Pence: Right To Life Is ‘Winning’

New York Times: Conway: Right To Life Is ‘God Given’

Wall Street Journal: March for Life Gains Presidential Support*

Washington Post: March for Life attendees hopeful for new administration

Washington Post: March for Life president: ‘Pro-life is pro-women.’

Washington Post: Kellyanne Conway: ‘This is a new day, a new dawn for life’

TIME: Mike Pence Promises Anti-Abortion Supreme Court Justice Pick at March for Life

Daily Caller: When Women’s Marchers Go Low, March For Lifers Go High [VIDEO]

LA Times: Trump makes for an odd champion for abortion foes, but his latest moves give them reason for optimism

PBS Newshour: WATCH: At March for Life, Vice President Mike Pence says ‘life is winning’

Yahoo News: Mike Pence becomes first VP to speak at March for Life rally: ‘Life is winning’

Baltimore Sun: Abortion opponents march on Washington buoyed by a sympathetic ear in the White House

Real Clear Politics: Kellyanne Conway Declares A “New Dawn” For Pro-Life Movement At ‘March For Life’

Breitbart: Kellyanne Conway Addresses March For Life Crowd: ‘This Is a New Day, a New Dawn for Life’

The Blaze: Watch: Amazing time-lapse captures the massive crowd marching through D.C. at the March for Life

Townhall: Mia Love’s Tearful and Powerful Pro-Life Speech

RedState: MARCH FOR LIFE: Kellyanne Conway: “Time Of Incredible Promise For Pro-Life, Pro-Adoption Movement”

Red Alert Politics: Pro-life marchers respond to Women’s March, express hope for Trump [VIDEO]

Circa News: Pence at the March for Life rally at the National Mall: ‘Life is winning again in America’


Politico Playbook

Washington Post Daily 202

CBS: March for Life – CBS News Brief, Jan. 27, 2017



NBC News: DC’s ‘March for Life’ to Highlight Gains by Abortion Opponents

MSNBC: The Last Word: Pence Declares ‘Life Is Winning Again’ at Anti-Abortion March

FoxNews.com: ‘Life is winning’: Pence fired up March for Life crowd

CNN: Vice President Mike Pence speech right at home at March for Life

CNN: Pence, Conway cheer on March for Life

CNN: ‘March for Life’ set for Friday: What you need to know

CBS News: March for Life attendees express hope for Trump presidency

AP: Anti-abortion groups hold triumphant rally after Obama years

AP: Pence helps bring new energy to anti-abortion rally in DC

Reuters: Pence fires up anti-abortion activists in Washington march

Washington Post: March for Life: Pence speaks as thousands assemble at Washington Monument

Washington Post: March for Life heads to the Supreme Court

Washington Post: Can the March for Life heal anti-abortion activists’ divide over Trump?

Washington Post: Black activists look to Trump, GOP as allies in the fight against abortion

New York Times: Anti-Abortion Marchers Draw Inspiration From an Unlikely Source

New York Times: Pence Tells Anti-Abortion Marchers That ‘Life is Winning’

New York Times: Mike Pence becomes 1st sitting VP to attend the annual March for Life

BBC: US anti-abortion activists rally in DC

Wall Street Journal: Vice President Mike Pence Addresses ‘March for Life’ Anti abortion Rally

USA Today: March for Life participants optimistic about Trump, Pence

USA Today: College students traveled across the country to March for Life

USA Today: March for Life attendees upset their voices were left out at Women’s March

Fortune: Why Mike Pence’s Speech at March for Life Is a Big Deal

The Economist: Anti-abortion protesters hope for change under Donald Trump

The New Yorker: What the Anti-abortion Movement has Won

Business Insider: Mike Pence addresses annual antiabortion rally: ‘Life is winning again in America’

Politico: Trump: March for Life demonstrators ‘have my full support’

Roll Call: Anti-Abortion Marchers Describe New Optimism in Era of Trump

Real Clear Politics: Pro-Life Feminists’ Broader Message Is Nonviolence

NPR: At Anti-Abortion Rally, Pence Tells Protesters: ‘Life Is Winning In America!’

NPR: Anti-Abortion Rights, But Not Necessarily Pro-Trump At March For Life

Yahoo News: At March for Life, varying views on what ‘pro-life’ means

McClatchy: At anti-abortion march, Kellyanne Conway promises ‘a new dawn for life

The Hill: Anti-abortion protesters take to DC for March for Life

The Hill: Pence: ‘Life is winning again in America’

U.S. News and World Report: Trump Presidency a Welcome Step at the March for Life

People Magazine: Vice President Mike Pence Speaks at Anti-Abortion Rally in D.C.: ‘Life Is Winning Again In America’

Vice: The White House Threw Its Full Support Behind the March for Life

Quartz: Mike Pence and KellyAnne Conway declare a “new dawn” for the pro-life movement in America

Verily: The March for Life includes call for compassion, not confrontation

Cosmopolitan: Here’s What Mike Pence Said to Abortion Opponents at the March for Life

Cosmopolitan: Kellyanne Conway Affirms Trump’s Administration Is Very Much Dedicated to the Pro-Life Movement

Cosmopolitan: The March for Life’s New Message: “Pro-Life Is Pro-Woman”

Huffington Post: Anti-Abortion Women’s Marchers Head Back To Washington

The Guardian: Mike Pence proclaims ‘life is winning again in America’ at March for Life in DC

Slate: “Hopefully This Will Be the Last March We Have to Have”

Vox: 15 March for Life signs that show where the pro-life movement is today

Vox: Did feminism have a place at the March for Life?

Buzzfeed: Does “Pro-Life” Mean “Pro-Refugee”?

Buzzfeed: These People From The March For Life Aren’t Sure What To Make of Trump

The Atlantic: Will the Pro-Life Movement Split With Trump on Issues Other Than Abortion?

The Atlantic: The Trump Administration Pledges Allegiance to Pro-Life America

Aljazeera: Anti-abortion activists ‘march for life’ in Washington

CBS Local DC: ‘Life Is Winning in America’ VP Pence Proclaims at March for Life

CBS Local DC: Pence Brings New Energy to D.C. Anti-Abortion Rally

National Review: About Today’s March for Life

National Review: Huge, Diverse Crowd Marches for Life in the Nation’s Capital

National Review: How Marching for Life Can Change the Law

IJ Review: Here’s How Hard Mainstream Media Outlets Tried to Avoid Acknowledging the March for Life

IJ Review: I Am A Woman Who Went To The Women’s March And The March for Life. The Differences Were Stunning

IJ Review: At March for Life, Congresswoman Mia Love Shares Moving Story Behind Parents’ Decision to Keep Her

IJ Review: Pro-Lifers Respond to Madonna’s ‘Blow Up the White House’ Remark at March for Life by Saying a Prayer

The Federalist: Watch Mia Love Bring People To Tears At The March For Life

The Federalist: At March For Life, Single Mom Personifies The Power To Overcome Evil With Good

Newsmax: Pence, Planned Parenthood, Supreme Court Candidate Fuel High Hopes at March for Life

Washington Examiner: Trump sends major signal to March for Life: We’re with you

Washington Examiner: Which was bigger: Women’s March or March for Life?

Washington Times: Joy marks the pro-life generation

Washington Times: Donald Trump will push pro-life cause ‘forward,’ Kellyanne Conway tells March for Life

Washington Times: Mike Pence to March for Life demonstrators: ‘Life is winning again in America’

Daily Caller: Trump Encourages March For Life Participants: ‘You Have My Full Support!’

Daily Caller: During March For Life, Nearly 150 Congressmen Applaud Trump For Supporting Pro-Life Movement

Daily Caller: ‘I’m A Mother, A Wife, And A Catholic’: Kellyanne Conway Addresses March For Life

Daily Caller: Mia Love At March For Life: ‘Each Child, Born And Unborn, Has The Potential To Open Up Our World’

Daily Signal: At March for Life, Pence Pledges Restoration of ‘Culture of Life’ in US

The Blaze: These students traveled over 1,500 miles to lead the March for Life

Townhall: March for Life President: The Only Number I Care About Is The 58 Million Babies Killed By Abortion

Townhall: ‘Life Is Winning Again’: Mike Pence Makes History As First VP To Address March for Life

Townhall: Donald Trump, Crowd Sizes, the March for Life, and Media Double Standards

American Spectator: Life Is Winning in America

CNSNews.com: Kellyanne Conway: The Right to Life is Not a Choice, It is God-Given

CNSNews: Little Sisters Start ‘Youth and Aged for Life’ Prayer Initiative to Combat Euthanasia, Abortion

Crux: Director of March for Life wants to make it more inclusive

Crux: Marchers for life in Washington link abortion, immigration as pro-life causes


Lifezette: Pro-Life Leaders: ‘An Exciting Time for the Movement’

Lifezette: New Hope for the Sanctity of All Life

Lifesite: March for Life President: The Only Number I Care About Is The 58 Million Babies Killed By Abortion

National Catholic Reporter: March for Life buoyant over Trump’s anti-abortion promises

Catholic News Service: Jubilant crowd gathers in Washington for annual March for Life

Catholic News Service: ‘Life is winning again in America,’ vice president tells March for Life

Christian Post: Why Winning Pro-Lifers Should Treat Opponents Gently, Civilly

First Things: What I saw and heard at the March for Life

Mercatornet: Big media notices the 44th March for Life


Washington Post: Photos from the scene of the March for Life rally in Washington

PBS Newshour: Signs from Friday’s March for Life

NBC 4: Images From Annual Anti-Abortion ‘March for Life’ in DC

Politico: March for Life in the Trump era: A collection of photos from the day

The Federalist: 13 Things We Saw At The March For Life In Washington DC

IJ Review: Is The Pro-Life Movement Stronger Than Ever? Look At These Images From The March For Life And You Decide

Breitbart: March for Life 2017: Photos from Washington, DC’s Pro-Life Rally

Voice of America: In Photos: March for Life Anti-Abortion Rally

WTOP: Photos: 44th Annual March for Life




NPR: On Abortion, Goals Of Back-To-Back Marches Couldn’t Be More Different

NPR: Abortion-Rights Opponents Energized By New Administration

Breitbart News Daily – Sirius XM: Mancini: Lena Dunham, NARAL, Planned Parenthood Team Up to ‘Normalize and to Destigmatize’ Abortion



CNN: LIVE: March for Life in Washington

CSPAN: March for Life Rally

CSPAN: March for Life Procession

TIME: Watch Anti-Abortion Activists Take Part in the March for Life

USA Today: Watch: March for Life live feed of events, speeches in D.C.

The Blaze: Watch live: Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway speak at 2017 March for Life rally

Breitbart: Watch Live: March for Life Rally in Washington, DC

Townhall: WATCH LIVE: The 44th Annual March for Life

WTOP: Video: Pence, Conway speak at March for Life

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