Why the 27th?


The 2017 March for Life will be held on Friday, January 27th. 

The Presidential Inauguration, will be held on Friday, January 20th. As in previous Inauguration years, the National Park Service (NPS) assigned the next day possible for the March for Life. We work very closely with the NPS to ensure that we have safety precautions and facility requirements met.

While advocating for the most precious cause of life is the goal of the March for Life, the safety of all participants is of utmost concern, and we are grateful for the cooperation and assistance of the NPS, Capitol Police, Metro Police, Supreme Court Police, etc.

We are not familiar with the permit status of any other events around the Inauguration or the March for Life.

  • moody Gail

    How did the anti trump people get the day after the election for their march but not the March for Life? You already knew the day as the 22nd and why was there not a permit already in place. But the anti trump protesters did not get their act together until after the election so what gives???

    • Patricia Morin Smith

      Good question!

      • Nancy Elizabeth

        There’s not much point in going on Saturday or Sunday if you want to lobby. The antis want their time in the media. Life advocates can speak to those in office.

    • St C mom

      i am glad we didn’t get that day after cause look at the mayhem and the filth left behind behind the haters!!! We are going to have a good march for ALL WALKS OF LIFE

  • 4guadalupe4

    Absolutely agree with moody Gail…and it seems the other State marches are different dates? Why not all Pro-Lifers on the same day as the anti-Trump, anti-life people are doing on the 21st? I think we are missing something here. Now that Trump is president abortion folk are getting really active. Media will show ALL for them as in the past nothing on the news about Pro-Life numbers.

  • JohnnyC

    When I was running the March for Life in my State, I had to go down to the permit office the week after the current March to reserve for the following year. Otherwise, the opposition would’ve taken it…

  • JAG64

    I also think March for Life was trying to be respectful of the inauguration weekend, not expecting this so called “Women’s” march. But we pro-lifers really got shafted by the NPS. they should have kept the mall cleared for the whole weekend.

  • Jaime Robinson Urbanic

    Please don’t get caught up in this type of discussion; what’s fair, unfair etc. It’s not about Walk for Life getting a fair shake and the exact day they want. Otherwise we will end up acting like the folks who DEMAND everything they want. The march is happening, and it’s about defending the unborn. Whether it’s before, during or after, the reason is what matters. God will work this out. I’m just thankful that there are still people willing to make the trip, and for a newly elected president who seems to be willing to stand up for the unborn, something we haven’t seen in a while. We need to pray now more than ever. What we saw yesterday is the enemy stirring up people to do the opposite. We don’t fight flesh and blood, but the powers of this dark world in the heavenly realms.

    • St C mom

      THIS IS A WALK FOR LIFE – but yes we are focused on the UNBORN because they dont have a voice! Personally I believe while we are fighting for the unborn we need to fight for those like Terri Shiavo … remove Euthanasia

      • Kim Ikeler Bacon

        my son had to slowly die of starvation. His death was imminent. Starvation is in no way painless, It is horrifying that we have more compassion for our horses and dogs in pain than we do our children or other human beings. People in end stage diseases begging for death should be heard. If you haven’t participated in this situation, then I doubt if you ‘get it.’ If you believe God wants that kind of suffering, then NO THANKS! It is my life and I will die if I want to!

        • LERS89

          Kim, I am so sorry your son passed away. To watch a loved one die of starvation must have been terrible beyond words. I too watched as a loved one slowly died when I was 17 years old– my father. His doctors gave the option of automatically increasing his pain medicine and could predict the hour in which he would pass. It didn’t sound or seem right. It would be death by medicine, and would be at the hands/permission of my mother. My mother didn’t feel right choosing the hour her beloved husband would go, so the decision was to manage his pain with the medicine, rather than allow it to take him prematurely. It was not an easy decision when you have doctors advising otherwise. It was terribly painful for all of us to witness, as it would have been with any other end-of-life senario. However, in the few days and hours left of his life, amazing experiences ensued. At one point he came out of unconsciousness, saw my 1-year-old sister, held her over his head, lowered her and went back into a coma-like state. It was the last time she was held by her father and we all saw the glimmer of joy, love, and strength we wouldn’t have otherwise. Throughout the painful experience, the suffering was not in vain. Our love and support of each other was strengthened through witnessing his pain and suffering, healing within our family took place, even though healing for my dad would have to be through death. I truly believe he died with dignity, and that we were blessed with all that happened between the time he would have already been gone per the doctor’s suggestion and the time of his natural death.

          • Kim Ikeler Bacon

            Dear Lers, Thank you for sharing your experience with the death of your loved one with me. I am glad your father woke up from a coma. In my case, it was my 30 year old son who had suffered with a traumatic brain injury and he had been dead and then revived against his advanced directory (his premeditated choice after see what the government did with Terry Shrivo.)He had been take to a catholic hospital so of course he was revived against his wishes because their belief was the same as the state of Florida. My son starved, like I said, but perhaps I did not make it clear to you. He had a 7 year old daughter. She simply broke down and will never be the same. He was a healthy and physically fit 30 year old. He had to deteriorate to the point of bed sores, or decubitus ulcers causing his spine to come through his skin and it began to rot. The doctor who offered to kill your father with medication and could predict the time of death within the hour is against the law. So, I have a really hard time with that situation. I would like the name of the doctor and the state where this occurred. That doctor would go to jail here in Illinois. So,our situations are nothing alike. I know I begged the doctors to end my son’s life/suffering. My family did not do well with the suffering and still does not. Although we have helped change the law in Washington, Oregon and Vermont. People should have the right to die regardless. My son died over a 29 day period. He burned up with fever from pneumonia. The amount of labor to try to keep him from hurting any more was exhausting to us all. We are all horrified and still are. To have anyone tell me as his mother that anything great could have come out of this for me, my family or him is like a slap in the face.

      • Frank Castle

        It’s about celebrating life from the moment of conception to the end of natural life. It’s not just an anti abortion march.

    • mimi57

      Thank you Jamie <3!!!!


      For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.
      Ephesians 6:12-13 NIV

  • Hanna Carney

    Is there a March for life in Chicago???

  • Ally Steele

    Do you not understand that most abortions happen because the person cannot afford a child? By forcing someone to have a child you are putting the woman in a situation where if they have the child they won’t be able to support it financially? And even if the mother puts it up for adoption she still has the risk of being kicked out by her family? The majority of abortions happen within 2 months of conception, those that happen after that are usually because A. The baby would have serious birth defects B. The baby is dying C. If the baby was born it would probably kill the mother when it is born. See you say you are pro life but have no consideration for those of us who are actually born. You don’t understand that taking away abortions just makes women make risky choices and perform abortions unsafely. By defunding places who provide abortions you make it even harder especially in states like Texas where it is already hard to find clinics.

  • Rich Howe

    I wish you’all the best today. This is the first time you have a friend in the White House. I have one suggestion to make as a possible agreeable position. Simply put it is Adoption / Abortion. Meaning adoption over abortion. Certainly it should be agreeable that we as a nation should do all we can to encourage adoption as the first choice an affected woman should make. Even help arrange for families to receive the infant with all necessary public aid. Then for those who cannot seem to stomach a denial of Roe-v-Wade “rights”, establish 3 month availability of abortion services if she is adamant about that after sufficiently learning about the emotional and psychological issues she will incur in so proceeding. After the 3 month window is closed then make it criminal to have the abortion. Of course this would not apply to the real medical need to terminate a pregnancy.

    I hope this may help lead to an agreeable law.

    Rich Howe
    Engineer, and Father of 6 great children.