What To Do with a ‘Do-Nothing’ Congress

August tends to be a slow, hot month in Washington, D.C., but not everyone was idle last month! Especially this year with the November election holding real promise for a pro-life Senate, organizations that promote the dignity of the human person from conception were actively engaged!

zus_congress_02Groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List, Concerned Women for America PAC, FRC Action, National Right to Life Victory Fund and the newly founded Women Speak Out PAC are concentrating on key states to give pro-lifers an edge in the U.S. Senate.

Even with this unified approach pro-life groups face enormous odds as the political arms of taxpayer subsidized abortion giant Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion Emily’s List and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) are extremely well financed.  Planned Parenthood alone plans on spending over $20 million on the election.

Yet signs of confusion and defeat are on the horizon for abortion groups. Their latest approach is to abandon the “pro-choice” label.  (An argument Secular Pro-life dissects as “disingenuous.” )  Abortion proponents are trying to normalize and downplay the significance of abortion.  Advocating for taxpayer funded abortions, pushing abortion as anything but a “difficult decision” (denying the pain abortion brings to many involved), and calling for the death of babies diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome are just some of the latest trends from those who oppose the inherent dignity of the human person.  And groups like Emily’s List, are even running awayfrom their pro-abortion roots and avoiding ads that use the word abortion (or the phrase “pro-choice.”)

So what does any of this have to do with a Hill update?  A number of pro-life and pro-abortion groups give support to candidates.  We mentioned last month the pro-abortion Democrats current legislation that seeks to eliminate all pro-life laws.   There are common sense bills on the pro-life side that seek to protect children at 20 weeks gestation.  As schools start up for most young people, here is some homework for everyone:

Where does your Member of Congress stand – and who stands behind them?

Let us know.