The March is Over. Now What?

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The March for Life is invigorating…the crowds, the enthusiasm, and being surrounded by fellow pro-lifers…but we need you to take this energy home and make a difference in our local communities. We want to challenge you to take your passion and inspiration home with you and to take part in AT LEAST one pro-life activity every month! Together, we can build a culture of life across America.

Plus, with the prospect of pro-life legislative gains, we must urge our congressmen and senators to stand strong for life and put an end to abortion extremism.

Together, we can build a culture of life across America.

  • Amani Sc

    DO NOT CLICK SHARE. PLEASE CUT AND PASTE TO FRIENDS! This is a very important message which needs to get out and lives are literally at stake! Please share with as many friends as you can. Texas House Bill 948 can end abortion in Texas by enforcing our tenth amendment rights as a state to ignore Roe v Wade. This bill is exactly what the 2016 Texas GOP Platform calls for. We need to get word out about this bill. A rally for this bill is being held in front of the Texas Capitol building on Sat Feb 25th at 11 AM. PRO-LIFE Organizations are not publicizing this bill or this rally and are not lifting a finger to pass this bill. There is plenty of money to be raised continually fighting abortion in Texas and none to be made ending it. Sadly these organizations are more interested in their own continued existence than they are in finally ending abortion in our state. Meanwhile pro-life legislators that had cosigned this bill are being pressured to withdraw their names. Tony Tinderholt , who filed it, is under state protection after receiving credible death threats for having filed it. WE NEED YOU TO DO WHAT PRO-LIFE ORGANIZATIONS WON’T. Publicize this bill. If you are in Texas find out who your State Rep is, contact his office and tell him you want him to sign HB 948 as a co-author. Come to Austin Texas and participate in the rally. And most importantly, wherever you are in the world, share this with as many people as you can (cut and paste, don’t click share) especially people in Texas. Also cut and paste into appropriate groups.

  • Mike

    The Roe Vs. Wade decision didn’t involve “changing people’s hearts”. People FAVORED abortion MORE AFTER Roe Vs. Wade was decided.

    Sometimes I think that the “changing people’s hearts” before the law can be changed on abortion is rhetoric designed to keep us “in our place”, and to keep certain “pro-life” organizations in business. In fact, I actually think that some “pro-life” organizations don’t want to see a change in abortion law (except for funding [big deal!]), because they’re colluding with the GOP establishment, who would rather not deal with the abortion issue in the first place!

    Amani is right. Why don’t major pro-life organizations publicly speak out in favor of Texas House Bill 948 & Rep. Steve King’s Federal Heartbeat Bill??

    Going forward, I would not give ONE SINGLE DIME to ANY pro-life organization that doesn’t explicitly advocate banning most abortions. If they tell you that we must “change people’s hearts” before the law can be changed on abortion, lose that organization as FAST AS YOU CAN!

    Remember what I said in the first paragraph: Roe Vs. Wade didn’t involve “changing people’s hearts”. Abortion became more favorable AFTER the law was changed.

    Changing people’s hearts on abortion does work, and it should be continued. But it’s time for us to start focusing on changing the LAW!