Not Able to Attend the March for Life? Here’s What You Can Do


Even if you are not able to attend the 44th Annual March for Life on Friday, January 27, your voice is still important!

Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. Show your support on social media.
    • Support the March for Life and the pro-life cause on Friday using #whywemarch (and #marchforlife).
    • Check out our Tweetfest on Facebook >>> #WhyWeMarch Tweetfest
    • We want our friends, family, and the world to know why we are marching.
    • All of your #whywemarch and #marchforlife posts will be compiled at
    • This is how we change our culture, with the truth and love of our advocacy.

  2. Send your lawmakers a pro-life message.
    • We need every March for Life participant to send a message to their Congressman and Senators asking them to prioritize pro-life policies in the new Congress.
    • Simply text MARCH4LIFE to 99-000 and you’ll receive a text back with a link to send a quick pro-life message to your lawmakers.
    • OR go to the March for Life Action Center and send a message directly from that page.

  3. Change your profile picture to say “I march for life”
  4. Facebook Live videos
  5. Stay connected with the March for Life
    • While we march on January 27, our important pro-life work happens all year-round.
    • Our theme this year is “the power of one” – each and every one of us is needed to make a difference for the pro-life cause in our communities and culture.
    • Sign up for emails so we can send you advocacy and volunteer ideas!
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  • Matthew Mueller

    On my bucket list to make it one year.

  • Tania Montanez

    I love this, put I wish we can get some celebrities, or main women speakers like Joyce Myers, Christine Caine and so many other influential women all together to draw bigger crowds, maybe even more popular bands and do it on a Saturday/Sunday when people don’t have to ask off of work 🙁 Would like to be part of the planning committee 🙂 I will be praying for all you sisters out there tomorrow.

  • Trish Lindsay

    My trip to D.C for the March this year was dependent on my 44 year old daughter delivering her 5th child before I left. She marched with me as a teenager, and has never lost her commitment to the unborn and the miracle of birth. She was due on January 22, but we are still waiting for her little one to enter the world. It would be so fitting to have her baby born tomorrow, on the 44th anniversary of the March for Life! Keep us in your prayers.

  • Christine Jason

    I heard that President Trump and Vice President Pence would be making an appearance.

  • Deserie Sanders

    Can’t get to DC, going to the one in March in NYC but will watch tomorrow…God Bless! <3

  • John Stelling

    I’ve been trying to follow the steps for updating my facebook profile pic (#3), but I keep getting the message “App Not Setup: This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask an app admin for permissions.”

    anyone else having this issue?

    • Aimee Irvin

      Yes it won’t let me do it either but I was able to do for my twitter.

      • Allegra Mooney-Waldron

        I did it to my twitter picture then saved my twitter picture to my computer then uploaded it to facebook… a little bit of a work around but in my opinion worth it 🙂

    • Anne Sikes

      I can’t do it either. I don’t use Twitter, so am just trying to add it to Facebook and can’t get the ‘log in with Facebook’ button to do anything. 🙁

    • Christine And-Mark Wolf

      I can’t do either

  • Felicity

    My applause for real woman that see the value of human life.
    Not the feminists that use abortion as birth control.
    We are with who sees life as a precious gift.

  • Jennifer White Karp

    Abortion rates have fallen to the lowest rates since Roe vs Wade. Educate yourself: