Profile of Jeanne Mancini in the Washington Post


Over the weekend, the Washington Post Magazine published a piece entitled, “I Could Use My Voice,” featuring ten activists from a wide spectrum of issues.

They even included a pro-life advocate, our very own Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life!

In the piece, Jeanne is able to share some of the truths that drive her and our work at the March for Life:

“I believe that everybody has inherent human dignity, from conception to natural death. And each person has the right to live out their unique mission. I can’t think of a more important social justice cause.”


The full piece also includes a video montage of the activists, with a clip of Jeanne at the March for Life, proclaiming, “pro-life is pro-woman!

Reflecting on the contentiousness of the issue of abortion, Jeanne goes on to say, “But you can’t back down because of fear, or what people think, or your reputation. You have to do what you know in your heart is right. How can you not?”

What an inspiring reminder for each of us!

In this time of cultural division, we each must stand strong in the truth of our beliefs and in our work to build a culture of life.

>>>> Be sure to read the entire segment on March for Life President Jeanne Mancini HERE.

  • conservativesunite4usa

    God bless you, Jeanne!

  • Nadine Dye Larcomb

    Regaring Jeanne Mancini’s concern about Down syndrome babies being aborted in Iceland.

    The feel good tug-at-the heartstrings pro-life message is all too clear in Jeanne Mancini’s article. As I sit here next to my severely disabled (Partial Trisomy 13) adult daughter I read Mancini’s article. Then I read the most recent update from ARC, the day program that my daughter attends 6 hours a day (M-F).
    Due to budget cuts in Connecticut and across the country, services for adults like my daughter are desperate. Many severely disabled adults are forced to remain at home, the state cannot fund any Day program for them (I have no ideal how the parents are working and watching their child at the same time).
    Mancini is really reaching by citing what she thinks is happening in Iceland, and pushing her pro-life agenda here . She should take her message to Iceland if that is where the problem is.
    As for us in the U.S. Help us Jeanne. Help us, the parents of the disabled. Help us secure the resources that will allow our adult children to thrive. Help us get/keep the medical funding that will allow them to remain healthy.
    If you are pushing for the disabled to be born than YOU Jeanne have a moral obligation to help. Trust me, we need help, it is NOT easy. Especially when you have the states cutting services (working against us). In other words Jeanne put your money where your mouth is.