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The 2018 March for Life Rally will take place at noon at 12th St. on the National Mall, in between Madison Drive and Jefferson Drive. Following the Rally, the March will begin on Constitution Avenue between 12th and 14th Streets at approximately 1:00 pm.

Click HERE to download a map.

Please use the Metro to arrive at the Washington Monument. Recommend locations: Federal Triangle, Smithsonian, Metro Center. For metro info: (Check out our March for Life map — you can print off paper copies OR download the March for Life app.

Have your metro card easily accessible, before you enter the station. Metro Stations are crowded during rush hour, and even more crowded on the March for Life, during rush hour. Keep in mind that in the Washington Metro system, you need to tap in and tap out of their faregates. One way to alleviate long lines, and avoid the frustration of fellow metro riders is to have your metro card ready, in your hand, before you enter the line for the faregate. Also you do not need to wait for the gates to close after the person in front of you walks through, just ensure you tap your card to the SmarTrip target and proceed through the gate.

Metro advised those planning to participate in the March for Life to make their way to the event outside of traditional rush hour periods, when crowds are densest, if possible. Rush hour lasts from Metro’s 5 a.m. opening through 9:30 a.m., and from 3 to 7 p.m.

Participants also are urged to buy and load SmarTrip cards ahead of the event to avoid long lines at fare machines. More on purchasing SmarTrip cards for the event can he found here.

Some tips from the March for Life:

  • While walking and riding the metro in D.C., please be respectful of residents and
    commuters. Let’s show the nation’s capital how passionate and polite and respectful pro-lifers really are!
  • Do not leave trash or signs on the grounds of the National Mall, Supreme Court, or Capitol.
  • This is our nation’s capital and we should treat it with dignity and respect. If trash bins are full, please carry your trash or sign with you until you find an available trash bin.
  • Do not engage with counter-protesters.
  • Once again, please be respectful of all people and stay focused on the cause of promoting and celebrating life, lovingly and graciously.


2018 Hotel Information

Renaissance hotel outsideWe are excited to announce our new host hotel  — THE RENAISSANCE DC DOWNTOWN HOTEL.

Offering more than 800 guest rooms and over 64,000 square feet of total meeting space, this hotel will allow us to increase our room block and grow participation at all of our events!

The Renaissance DC Downtown Hotel is located only a few blocks away from the National Mall in the unique Penn Quarter District, between Capitol Hill and the White House.  The hotel location offers great shopping, dining, nightlife and cultural experiences right outside its doors.


Looking to join a bus trip to the March for Life in Washington?

Many buses to the March for Life are sponsored by local parishes or Knights of Columbus councils. Check with your diocesan Respect Life Office to see if they have information on bus trips being organized in your area.

You can also check out the March for Life Trip Finder or Rally Bus from trips coming from your area.

March for Life Rally Bus

Rally Bus provides a new way for supporters to self-organize and create their own trips to the March for Life!

Simply visit the site, select a stop near you, and reserve your seat on the bus. Spread the link to other supporters in your area, and once enough reservations are made, you’re on your way to DC! Don’t see a stop near you? Just add one and you can even set the location of where it picks up.

Round trips on luxury charter buses filled with other March for Life supporters make it easier to support the cause, which means more people telling Washington they need to change.

Check out March for Life Rally bus to get your trip started today!

You can also check out the March for Life Trip Finder for groups coming from your area!

Tour Bus Information

Tour Bus Information: The following links should answer most of your questions.

While you are in D.C.:

Planning and Travel Information

Order your Metro Tickets online from WMATA.

Download your 2018 Trip Planner Here.