March for Life Responds to GAO Report

This week the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report confirming what pro-lifers have been warning since 2010, your tax dollars are funding abortion through the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”).

Today, the March for Life participated in a press conference calling attention to this broken promise and calling on the Senate to act. Read Jeanne Monahan’s remarks below:



Thank you to Mr. Pitts for sponsoring this important press conference and to all of the Members for taking time during such a full moment to discuss this critical report.

We probably all remember well the March of 2010 when the entire passage of healthcare law hinged on abortion coverage and support. The bottom line was that if abortion was included in the healthcare law, it wouldn’t get the support it needed in Congress to pass. In those intense days President Obama promised that abortion coverage would not be included in the healthcare law. He even went so far as to imply that Hyde protections — the established pro-life protections since the late 70s would remain status quo in the law.

Today we stand here to say that nothing could be further from the truth.  We have known that but for those who were confused by the 1000+ pages in the bill and the very confusing rollout of this law, please read this GAO report and take it to heart. There is without a doubt abortion in the healthcare law. This report is about the state exchanges, but abortion is included in other ways. The largest expansion of abortion since Roe vs Wade.

For example, consider the HHS mandate forcing groups like the MfL to cover drugs and devices that can destroy life in its earliest stages. The March for Life is a non-religious, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated solely to protecting human life in its most vulnerable stages. But because of the healthcare law we are being forced to cover abortifacients in our healthcare. We refuse to do that. And so we are now engaged in litigation fighting this injustice.

This summer the SCOTUS showed us that America still has all three branches keeping each other in check. With that hope we ask you to call your Senator to ask them to support HR7 and right the wrong of the Obama Administration and their broken promises. 

  • judi

    You guys are just of full of it! “Abortiacients” is NOT even a word….just another pieces of garbage that you throw out to your mindless base. Trying NOW to outlaw ALL birth control and forms of contraception….WHY DONT YOU LET YOUR FOLLOWERS KNOW THAT??? No birth control….no abortions….what the heck IS it that you REALLY want???? Total control of every woman out there?

    • Marjorie Bull

      Speaking of mindless–I advise you to check Merriam Webster or any other standard or medical dictionary for “abortifacient”–it’s there. It’s been there since I was a kid–that’s forty years and more–and probably before that. Why don’t you check your basic facts before spouting off, or better still, before forming an opinion?

    • judi commented, “what the heck IS it that you REALLY want???? Total control of every woman out there”

      The fallacy with this statement is that it is assuming –by controlling a fertilized egg within your body or a developing child within your body– that you are controlling “YOUR” body. When you take control of a fertilized egg or you take control of a developing child within your body, you are taking control of SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY….

      If NASA sent a spaceship to Mars and a robot Rover rolled out of it to survey the planet, and this Rover found a zygote or some single-celled organism of life, everyone would say “LOOK! THAT’S LIFE!” and it would be treated with more care (just as an eagle’s egg is treated with more care as it is illegal to destroy an eagle egg in the USA).

      The child inside you may be IN your body… and attached to your body… but it is nevertheless the body of SOMEONE ELSE…

      And that’s what all men and women must realize, there is ANOTHER life inside a woman after the egg is fertilized.

      If a toddler was left unattended and waddled out into a busy street, who would risk their life to save the child? Where are the men and women of old who would give their life for their fellow man? Why were the 9-11 police officers and firefighters that died in the twin towers called heroes? Because THEY GAVE THEIR LIFE TO SAVE ANOTHER…

      Will the women in this country take up this same mantle of courage and bravery, and be willing to give their life for another?

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    WOW NO COATS? Thanks for all the Media updates today! Will be checking them all out! God Bless you all!

  • catchofthedayvideonews

    Can you post some links on this page for live feed for anyone wanting to find it easy?