Maddi Runkles: Choosing Life


UPDATE (September 25, 2017): Congratulations Maddi on the birth of your precious son, Greyson!

Today we had the honor of hosting Maddi Runkles at our office for a Facebook Live conversation. During Maddi’s senior year of high school, this past year, she found herself facing an unexpected pregnancy, and in the midst of very challenging circumstances, she chose life.

We’re so grateful that she did, and she is expecting a baby boy in early September! We want to celebrate and honor her decision.

Watch the full conversation here:

As a concluding question, I asked Maddi, what advice she might have for someone watching who is also facing an unexpected pregnancy. Here is her inspiring response:

“It’s super cliche, but you can do it; it is worth it. Making the right choice is not always the easiest thing to do, but in the long run, it’s the best thing you can do.”

This is a very intimate and vulnerable topic, and we’re grateful for Maddi’s willingness to share. We want to reiterate her message of hope. Also, if anyone reading or watching this is facing an unexpected pregnancy, we would like to encourage you. There are many resources available and you can begin with checking out

Choosing life is empowering, and we hope you have seen how Maddi so beautifully embodies this.