Investing Hope: The Power of One


Why do we march? That’s a question we encourage every March for Life participant and supporter to share. We love seeing your #WhyWeMarch tweets, videos, and Instagram posts all with unique stories, and aspects of the pro-life cause.

Ultimately the thread that unites “why we march,” and that is at the heart of what we do, is love. We march because we love people. We love babies and believe that each and every one should be protected, starting when they are most vulnerable, in the womb. All children, no matter the circumstances that they are born into, have inherent dignity and value.

A huge part of the pro-life movement that puts these values into action is the pregnancy care movement. Thousands of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) across the country offer free services, parenting classes, and material resources. These centers offer life-affirming, holistic care for women and babies – before and after pregnancy.

Every PRC embodies the “power of one,” our 2017 March for Life theme. Each one of these centers impacts and saves lives. For example, Hope Resource Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 1997, Hope Resource Center has offered life-affirming choices to over 25,000 women and their babies. Their message to each and every woman that comes through their doors is: you are valuable.

Like every PRC, Hope Resource Center is supported by individuals, churches, and volunteers. Every person can make a difference in their life-saving efforts. As Hope Executive Director shares, “we are the life celebrators.”

WATCH the inside story of Hope Resource Center, a beautiful example of the life-saving working of PRCs across the country. This is the “power of one” in so many ways!