From Fargo to DC: Destination, March for Life!


Guest Blog post by Julia Johnson
Senior, Shanley High School, Fargo, North Dakota

march for life 2013AEach year that I go on the March for Life, a hunger for righteousness grows stronger in my heart.  I have never been part of a more noble cause than the fight for life.  I have been privileged to go on the March for Life with my fellow students three years in a row, this year being my fourth, and I can barely contain my excitement!  My very own high school, Shanley High, was chosen to carry the lead banner.  When our chaplain told us the news I was in shock, what an incredible HONOR!  To lead the charge in the fight for life is almost unthinkable; with humble hearts I can only say that we all feel truly blessed to have this opportunity.

Sophomore year waiting on the Mall for the March to begin.

Sophomore year waiting on the Mall for the March to begin.

In past years, the most students that I have made the pilgrimage with has never exceeded 140 students.  But this year, it is our goal to become the first high school in March for Life history to bring our entire student body!  We have over 300 students!  I’m ecstatic to see the enthusiasm and excitement grow in anticipation of the March.  The March for Life has been one of the biggest impacts on my life, and I want as many people as possible to have the same opportunity to see what I see every January.

When walking down Constitution Avenue there is the biggest form of camaraderie between you and every single person in the March.  You’re a team, one large family, and all are present for the same purpose.  It doesn’t matter what religion, race, or age you are, you’re all there to reach a common goal.  I have never experienced this feeling on such a massive scale before, and reminiscing on my very first March, it was the most overwhelmingly and joyous feeling I’ve ever experienced.  But it instilled a drive in me to return every year since.

March for Life in progress

March for Life in progress

Some of my most favorite memories have been made on the March, you never fully know what you are going to experience.  Every year is unique.  But certain things never get old, such as the thrill of running up the steps to the Lincoln Memorial, going to the Smithsonian museums, and of course singing and praying your hearts out to protect the lives of the unborn.  No matter how many times you go, the March for Life pilgrimage is worth it. My fellow students and I are able to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We are able to be a voice for the voiceless.


  • Emily

    There’s an online store for March for Life/Pro Life apparel! It’s good if your group all gets matching sweatshirts so you can find each other easily. 16 days until the march!

  • Jeanine

    God bless you Julia! Your Mom’s spirit lives on in you!!! So excited for your pilgrimage and honor to lead the Nation!

  • GrandmaMac1

    Great article. First time I did this national March we cried it was so emotional. God bless these wonderful kids!

  • Corinne

    “Life is Worth Living” as stated by The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen!
    I am proud of my Catholic Identity! We Catholics have so much fun and
    joy! Please join us and celebrate the gift of life because “Life is a
    Blessing” and “Every Life is a Gift” this is our true purpose and
    mission as Christians for Christ.

  • Gerard Mongan

    Well done Julia! I watched you speak today on EWTN and I thought you spoke with great passion and clarity. Thanks for inspiring us all to persevere in the fight for life!