End of the Year List of Lists

There are tons of end of the year lists out there.  Here are a few (some off the beaten path):


The Big Three Obamacare Abortion Lies of the Year” by Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.)


“President Obama’s Top 10 Constitutional Violations Of 2013” – There would have been more but the poor guy was having web site issues


“Top 10 Church-State and Religious Liberty Developments in 2013” – Alliance Defending Freedom is involved in 8 of these ten


“4 Unusual New Year preparations from around the world” – Because it isn’t a new year until you have had snakes slither over a picture of Dennis Rodman’s best friend


Coolest 18 science pictures of 2013 – in picture #3 a robot actually does a “selfie”


“15 of the world’s most exquisite libraries” – warning slideshow


“2013: The year of ________” – a list of things 2013 will supposedly be remembered for, from Miley Cyrus cubed to Pres. Obama disappointing the liberal base.


“The 9 Most Terrifying Attempts to Improve Popular Foods” – Which came first? The Egg Loaf or the Chicken in the Can?