Dear Pregnant Student: Don’t Be Afraid


“What do I do?”

“Who will help me?”

These are the questions that run through the heart and head of a student facing an unexpected pregnancy on campus.  Thankfully, there is now a go-to resource center for pregnant students and their friends to get answers.

pregnant on campus site_logoStudents for Life of America recently debuted their Pregnant on Campus Initiative, a state by state and campus by campus listing of resources.  For example, a pregnant student can find information on policies regarding pregnant and parenting resources, or information about making an adoption plan.

Be sure to check out this life-saving tool to find the pregnant and parenting resources you need on your campus!

Loyola Students for Life, a pro-life organization that supports women in crisis pregnancies, recently reiterated the message that pro-life students on campus want to help with a video to their peers.  Watch their beautiful message of “You are not alone” and “I want to help you” and share on social media to remind pregnant women everywhere that they have a support network to choose life!