International Women’s Day: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman


Today is International Women’s Day – will you help us share the message that pro-life IS pro-woman?

It has been said — politically and culturally — that for one to be pro-woman one must be pro-choice. But nothing could be further from the truth. Sadly, there are so many confusing messages regarding women and the issue of abortion, compounded by the false “war on women” rhetoric and many of these false messages are being pushed today.

The truth is that life is an empowering choice for women and their developing babies.  Abortion harms women and spreads its negative effects on our society in so many ways.


We asked YOU – our social media followers – why you are pro-life and pro-woman, and we were overwhelmed by the response. Thank you for being a voice for women and babies!

@abs0fsteel – I am a feminist that believes that a woman’s rights begin at conception. That HUMAN rights begin at conception.

@kels.nowack – “I am pro-life and pro-woman because I support ALL women, born and unborn. Abortion is emotionally damaging to the mother and fatal to the baby. Women are a gift from God and abortion takes that gift away. A true feminist would not willingly kill other women! That’s why it’s so frustrating that feminism is always connected to pro-abortion beliefs. I DO NOT support abortion, but I DO support women. I feel so blessed to have the example of so many strong women like my mom, teachers, and saints like Teresa of Calcutta. Let’s show our pro-life and pro-woman power!”

@madison.pickering – “I am pro-life AND pro-woman because the only way to move forward in life is to protect even the smallest of unheard voices!”


@maryclairebuchanan – “I am pro-life and pro-woman because abortion exploits women who are born and unborn.”

@jennafifi_music – I am pro-life, and pro-woman because life is precious and the ultimate gift our bodies can give, and because women are strong no matter what the world says. We need to learn about our bodies so we can take care of our bodies.

@1nuttybookworm – “I am a proud pro-life feminist because I believe that the most important human right is the right to life. We cannot rightly claim to support women’s rights and at the same time condone the slaughtering of our youngest females before they even have a chance to take a breath. Being pro-life is also empowering to born women because we support real options. Women CAN get an education, continue their careers, and do so much more without resorting to killing their own children – THAT is true feminism.”

@michellecg23 – “Being adopted has opened my eyes on how second chances do exist. I believe every life is precious and every life should be valued.”

@jessicabrook – “I am a pro-life feminist because every girl deserves a chance to be anything she wants to be in life. She shouldn’t be robbed of that opportunity because of abortion.”

@mama2themacs – “I’m pro-life AND pro-woman because EVERY woman deserves to have her voice heard and her story told.”

@jmtrovato – “Pro-woman includes those women in the womb!” (picture credit to @horacekenneth)

@abbykroetsch – “I’m pro-life because I believe every single baby has a wonderful role in this world. Any one of those beautiful babies could be the next inventor, the person with a cure to cancer or the one to do so many amazing things to help save and help so many people. God takes babies back home by choice but no mother should be able to take a baby’s life by choice…some babies leave us to become angels earlier than others by chance but none should have to do it because of someone else choices. Pro-life is pro-woman!”

Anonymous – “As an adopted child, I am immensely grateful for every day of my life. I recognize that my birth mother could have gotten an abortion and went on with her life, but I am so grateful that she didn’t. It is because of her that I have a chance to live and experience all the beauties of life. I’m unaware of the circumstances of my conception, but regardless, I am glad of my birth mothers choice to let me live, to let me have a better life.”

Gloryanne – “I’m pro-life and pro-woman because all women deserve better than abortion. Our bodies natural abilities to bring forth life is not a curse or something to loathe…. every life is a blessing! Every life has value!”

Jackie – “I am pro-life and pro-woman because if it wasn’t for a woman I never met, I would not have my three wonderful children. She is in my prayers and I will be forever grateful that she did not kill my children before they were born.”

Sarah – “I am pro-life and pro-woman because I was told my child would probably not survive his birth. Three years later he is still here with me. He has the most beautiful smile and touches the lives of everyone he meets. He’s taught me a kind of selfless love I never knew existed. He’s taught me what it means to nurture. He has changed my perspective on what is important in life. I can’t imagine this life without his presence.”

Joely – “I am pro woman and pro-life because I was created by Love to love, to nurture, to respect, to protect, to empathize, to empower, and to never give up on what is right and just.”

March for Life Statement on President’s Joint Address


“With President Trump’s first 40 days behind him, we are happy to see him keeping his promises in the area of pro-life public policy, particularly by nominating a strict constructionist like Judge Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court and by reinstating the Mexico City policy. As both the White House and Congress continue to work on solutions for health care reform, we urge President Trump and his Administration to work with Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to ensure that specific pro-life protections are included in the healthcare “replace” plan. We look forward to the continued commitment to pro-life priorities and urge Congress to pass the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act and the Pain Capable 5-month abortion ban, and for the President to sign both into law.”

-March for Life President Jeanne Mancini

2017 March for Life Conference Videos


If you weren’t able to attend the 2017 March for Life Conference, which is held the day before the March for Life, you can watch the full videos from the keynote session and panel discussion below:

Keynote SessionRyan Bomberger, the Radiance Foundation

Panel Discussion – The Pregnancy Care Movement
Moderated by Kathryn Jean Lopez, senior fellow, National Review Institute
Sylvia Slifko, ICU Mobile
Amy Ford, Founder, Embrace Grace
Callie Jett, Birthmom and Founder, Talk About Adoption
Dr. Jeff Pauls, Vitae Foundation

40 Days for Life


40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils, and community outreach. Since 40 Days for Life began in 2007, 12,688 lives have been saved from abortion, 143 abortion works quit, and 83 abortion facilities closed.  Will you be part of this effort?

The campaign is a 40-day time frame in which people in local communities pledge to pray and fast for an end to abortion. They also commit to a 40-day prayer vigil outside an abortion center or Planned Parenthood facility (Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions at all of its locations, but it refers women to its abortion centers and is the largest abortion business in the United States). In many cases, those vigils are conducted 24 hours a day. Additionally, some form of community outreach accompanies the vigils.

Give the gift of life this month by participating in 40 Days for Life. Together, we will bring about a culture of life and see an end to abortion!


The spring campaign begins on March 1. You can learn more and find a local campaign HERE.  

WATCH the clip below from 40 Days for Life to learn more about the history of the movement.


African American History Month


As African American History Month comes to a close, we consider the impact abortion has had upon the community.  In the United States of America, tragically, black Americans are disproportionately targeted for abortion. While comprising 13 percent of the total population*, African Americans account for a staggering 36 percent of the nation’s abortions.**

Thankfully, many courageous individuals and organizations are working to reverse these statistics. At the 2017 March for Life, Bishop Vincent Mathews, Jr., President of the International Missions Department of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), the nation’s largest African American denomination, spoke passionately about his work on adoption.

“Enough is enough. It’s time to rise up. It’s time to save lives!”

WATCH the full clip:

Since November 2015, COGIC has engaged in a “Family Life Campaign” challenging church members to take personal action in the fight for life. Mathews encourages members to adopt children from the foster care system and babies in danger of being aborted. “It’s about going home, rolling up your sleeves, and taking care of a child…” he shared.

Thabiti Anyabwile, pastor at Anacostia River Church in the Washington, D.C. area is also speaking up about the tragedy of abortion for the African American community.

“I am hopeful. If the conscience and compassion of the community is awakened; if African American churches are mobilized and understand this from and personal and historical perspective, it holds great promise for changing the minds of the country, changing the hearts of the country, to make abortion unthinkable.”

WATCH the full clip:

One of the most passionate speakers at the 2017 March for Life was Congresswoman Mia Love, who is the first female African American Republican elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.  She boldly declared, “Every time we kill a child, we, all of us suffer. We lose a little of ourselves and a whole lot of our future.”


Every child that is lost to abortion, every woman and family that is wounded by abortion, is a tragedy. Let us resolve to end the scourge of abortion on the African American community, and across our country.



*(US Census Bureau:

**(Center for Disease Control and Prevention:

Jeanne Mancini on MSNBC


March for Life President Jeanne Mancini joined MSNBC today to discuss the status of pro-life priorities under the new Administration.

She joined MSNBC host Ali Velshi after President Trump’s speech at the CPAC Conference in Washington, D.C.


During the segment, Jeanne noted the importance of pro-life values to millions of voters last fall and gratitude to President Trump for nominating Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

With the discussion of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” dominating Congress, she also pointed out how critical it is for there to be specific pro-life protections in the ACA replacement plan.

2017 March for Life Media Coverage


Did you know that the March for Life was on the front page of the Washington Post and the New York Times the day after the March for Life this year?

I love how both pictures show the magnitude of the crowd and the joyful youth of the March for Life!

We still have a long way to go for the pro-life cause to be covered fairly, especially the March for Life. But this year, because of our outreach efforts and the visit by the Vice President, we saw some fair and even positive coverage of the March for Life.

>>>> You can check out the full coverage HERE.

The media outreach is no easy task. I can tell you that during the week and month of the March for Life, our leader Jeanne Mancini, is constantly in interviews, sometimes facing hostile reporters.

I’m sure you can agree with me that Jeanne does an amazing and graceful job in communicating the truth about the March for Life and the pro-life cause!

Some might even ask, why do this?

We believe, that no matter the opposition, we must speak with truth and love when sharing the pro-life message. Changing our culture to embrace life, takes time and effort, and we’ve engaged the challenge.

We hope you find the 2017 March for Life media update helpful. We are committed to creating a culture where abortion is unthinkable.