Jeanne Mancini Op-Ed: Eight out of ten Americans surveyed support abortion limits


Read Jeanne Mancini’s op-ed in the Hill on America’s pro-life consensus –>> Eight out of ten Americans surveyed support abortion limits.

As recently as July, a Knights of Columbus/ Marist surveyed 1,009 people and the poll revealed that merely eight out of ten Americans believe abortion should be limited at most to the first three months of pregnancy. When polling those who self-identify as “pro-choice”, a combined 62 percent would limit abortion to the first trimester (39 percent), to cases involving rape, incest or for the life of the mother (19 percent, with 2 percent weighing in only for the life of the mother), or would ban abortion altogether (4 percent). But sadly, this is not reflective of the U.S. Law.

>>> Click HERE to read the full op-ed.

  • mjdindc

    Interesting stats but would like to see the polling data. In my unofficial poll of friends and coworkers the numbers are reversed. It would be nice if pro-life spent some of the money fort on supporting children after they are born.

    • Hei takana

      I received a call from a pro-life group asking if I had five minutes to take a survey. The first question was whether I was pro-life or pro-choice. When I answered, “pro-choice” the person on the other end, said, “thank you” and ended the call. By not allowing me to finish the survey, they can make the “8 out of 10” claim. Fun with numbers.