Abortion Extremism Is Out Of Touch With Mainstream America


At the March for Life in January, Vice President Pence shared “life is winning again in America.” And in recent months, the cause of life is advancing as several states have made strides in protecting the unborn by signing into law legislation that restricts abortion.

The Tennessee and Iowa measures follow the lead taken by several other states over the past few years to enact 20-week abortion bans.

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Unfortunately, other states have moved in the opposite direction. ABC News reports today that the Governor of Delaware is set to sign into law legislation that “allows abortion without restriction before a fetus reaches viability. The bill also allows abortion after viability if a doctor determines that an abortion is necessary to protect the woman’s life or health, or that the baby is not likely to survive without extraordinary medical measures.”

Such extreme measures ignore the human dignity and personhood of an unborn child, as well as the harm that abortion brings to women. They are also out of touch with mainstream America. The vast majority of Americans believe that abortion should have real, legal limits. Eight out of ten Americans oppose late-term abortion and believe that the procedure should be limited to the first trimester, at most.

It’s time to end abortion extremism.

  • Steve McGinty

    I am personally being shamed online for my part in the killing of an unborn fetus mostly due to my own ego. I pray for forgiveness. I’m afraid I will not get it. I am so very sorry. I was young. But no excuse. I was recently outed online due to my behavior. I would like to donate. Please

    • To be forgiven, you must first forgive. Therefore any that don’t forgive you, will not themselves be forgiven. For myself, I forgive you…