A Father’s Love


Guest Blog Post by Corinne Zay, March for Life Intern

Many people make abortion an issue regarding only the mother and child. There is a tendency in the arguments surrounding abortion to neglect the father’s role and responsibility in pregnancy or in parenting. Having just celebrated Father’s Day, I’d like to share about the importance of fatherhood and how my own father has blessed my life.

The love and gratitude I have for my father is unconditional. He has helped me to become who I am in countless ways. My earliest memories involve my dad, whether it was riding on the big lawn mower on his lap, playing tennis ball in the backyard, or my very first 5k race in 4th grade. He taught me the value of hard work, how to serve others, and he taught me how to love and forgive others.

One of the most significant things my father has helped me with is my relationship with God. My parents not only introduced me to my faith by raising me in the Church and providing for me a Catholic education, but they showed me how to live my faith daily. It was by their example and support that I was able to grow into the faith-filled ambitious woman I am today. The root of my relationship with God stems from my parents’ love. In their decision to give me life and nurture my soul with Christ’s love I am blessed to be who I am today.

A father is crucial to understanding God, but also to the function of family. It is a father that teaches us how to love as God loves. Thank you to my father, to all fathers, and to the fathers-to-be. Men, be life affirming by representing real love in this culture. Your love can save lives. Support your wife, your sister, your mother, your girlfriend. Be a real man and lead them to God and love them on their journey because your love can impact countless lives and generations.