40 Days for Life


40 Days for Life is a community-based campaign that draws attention to the evil of abortion through the use of a three-point program of prayer and fasting, peaceful vigils, and community outreach. Since 40 Days for Life began in 2007, 12,688 lives have been saved from abortion, 143 abortion works quit, and 83 abortion facilities closed.  Will you be part of this effort?

The campaign is a 40-day time frame in which people in local communities pledge to pray and fast for an end to abortion. They also commit to a 40-day prayer vigil outside an abortion center or Planned Parenthood facility (Planned Parenthood does not perform abortions at all of its locations, but it refers women to its abortion centers and is the largest abortion business in the United States). In many cases, those vigils are conducted 24 hours a day. Additionally, some form of community outreach accompanies the vigils.

Give the gift of life this month by participating in 40 Days for Life. Together, we will bring about a culture of life and see an end to abortion!


The spring campaign begins on March 1. You can learn more and find a local campaign HERE.  

WATCH the clip below from 40 Days for Life to learn more about the history of the movement.